Alexa, ask petWALK to open the door!

Experience the world’s first fully connected pet door

Alexa, ask petWALK to open the door! - This and similar voice orders will be heard quite often in the near future.

petWALK is the first premium pet door which can be controlled not only via remote, mobile device, any web browser or smart home system, but also via personal voice assistants like Amazon´s Echo™ or Google Home™.

Make yourself comfortable, as you do not have to get up every time your pet wants to go out. Lay back and enjoy your freedom!

All you need to own is a smart petWALK pet door and of course a personal voice assistant. Those who already have a petWALK door in use will appreciate the modularity of petWALK: upgrading is easily possible as all new product developments can be added on to any petWALK door in use!

Speaking of product developments, petWALK showcases several new additions to the product portfolio during CES 2018.

If you want to learn more, contact us directly via email.