Extend your petWALK with external devices!

The petWALK pet door is now ready to communicate with smart home systems and external devices

petWALK the #1 vendor of high-quality doors designed for pets presents a new breed of pet doors offering a quality of life thus far unheard of.

Trusted globally by customers in over 30 countries from Europe to Australia, the smart petWALK door combines complete air tightness, highest thermal insulation and burglar proof solutions with an automatic opening and contactless access control system.

Now petWALK doors enter a new stage of evolution!

At CES 2018, petWALK presented the world's first fully connected high end pet door, which can be controlled from anywhere via remote, mobile devices, web browsers or smart home devices. Opening, closing and all the settings are just a tap away. Configurable alerts keep the pet owner informed about all important events and a timeline informs about what was going on during the day.

But it is not just about adding an app to a door, it is much more!

petWALK is first to introduce a modular and flexible hard- and software design allowing the doors to be extended with components like external RFID readers, sensors and devices or cloud based services. Offering an open API, the petWALK door can also be integrated into any Smart Home service themselves. This way, petWALK can always adapt to the latest technologies and most important - the needs of the customers and their pets.

Maximum security and supervision is possible by connecting cloud cams like the Nest™ Cam Outdoor and use it as intelligent video intercom, allowing to monitor activity in front of the petWALK pet door and either open it or activate the intruder alarm.

All those using voice control will appreciate the integration with Amazon’s Echo™, as giving commands like "Alexa, ask petWALK to let the dog out!" will be heard quite often in the future.

The petWALK pet door as well as the smart extension petWALK.control are available to be ordered via the shop.