What is an RFID microchip?

The abbreviation "RFID" is based on the English term "radio frequency identification”. This can be translated with „identification with the help of electromagnetic waves." RFID enables an automatic identification and localization of objects and living beings and considerably facilitates the collection of data.

An RFID system consists of a transponder, the microchip, which is located on or in the object or living organisms and includes an identifying code, and a reader for reading this code.

The microchip of your pet is a tiny implant, about the size of a grain of rice, which your vet painlessly injects under the skin of your pet.

The microchip has no battery, but is powered by the antenna of your petWALK pet door with energy in the moment when the animal approaches.

Each microchip has a unique identification number, which is stored with your address in a central database.

If your pet runs away, it can be easily identified by veterinarians and animal shelters with this microchip reader. With the ID number in the database your contact information will be found and you will get back your animal as soon as possible.