Important notice regarding use of implanted RFID tags

Important notice regarding use of implanted RFID tags!

  • As manufacturer of the pet door we have no influence on the functionality and quality of the transponder in your pet. Therefore we can not guarantee function in general or any reading distance.

  • The petWALK pet door is compatible with all conventional pet identification chips according to ISO norm 11784/11785 FDX-B, but uses a special mechanism to further increase reading distance. Therefore, a functional check of the implanted tag at the vet may be an indicator, but no real evidence of a sufficient detection range and thus usability with the petWALK door.

  • Therefore petWALK strongly advises to check with your own pets, whether the chip is detected by the door and the detection range is sufficient, BEFORE installation. If the supplied petWALK transponders work according the specification, it is not a malfunction of the device, but the technical limitations of the implanted ID chip.

  • If your pet isn't chipped yet, please ask your vet for a chip of the same batch and try this chip with the door. Please find some tips regarding the test on our website.

  • The typical reading distance of a well-tuned implanted chip is about 5 cm up to 20 cm. In learning mode, the distance is generally at half the normal reading distance.

  • The actual achievable reading distance is dependent on many factors. The biggest challenges are the power supply of the transponder, the transmission frequency and the position of the transponder to the antenna. Here you can find more explanations on this subject: RFID access control