Building protection should not end at the pet door!

Due to mounting locations close to entry doors and windows, especially in larger dimensions conventional animal flaps are a potential security risk. Even small size flaps are often used by criminals to reach into the inside and get hold of window and door locks or to reach keys. Larger size flaps act as a direct way through and burglars can easily crawl into the building.

Insurance companies see housebreakings though pet flaps as gross negligence (lack of assurance) and therefore often deny settlement within the home insurance policy.

petWALK doors automatically and effectively prevent burglary with market proven and tested burglar-proof fittings and lock like a high quality entrance doors. If desired, even with certified burglary resistance class 2 according to DIN EN 1627 standard.

petWALK comes also with a built-in alarm system and can be easily connected to external alarm systems. That way, it behaves exactly like a secured window and your animals can use the door even when the alarm system is armed.